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Weebly Announces the Before & After Contest Winners

Website redesign isn’t a task to take lightly. It implies something more than just replacing your old skeuomorphic buttons with their ultra-modern, flat counterparts. Technology is changing, web design trends emerge and fade away, even social media networks make their contribution to how our website should look and work.

Website redesign isn’t just about the look and feel, it’s all about functionality and usability. One of the best proofs is the Weebly Before and After Contest. My sincere congratulations to the winners: Benk and Haymond Horticulture. To see these websites ‘before’ and ‘after’, as well as to read the owners’ comments, read the original article published on Weebly Blog.

Benk - Weebly Website Example

If you missed this contest, but you feel that your site deserves attention, please share your website and your story with SuperbWebsiteBuilders.

Important note: your website should be built using a site builder.