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Webydo Turns off Mobile Editor and Improves Form Settings

The Webydo team has been hard at work on some exciting new features and they’re finally ready for you to test!

Responsive Studio Replaces Mobile Editor

It’s more important than ever that your website looks amazing for every visitor on every device, so Webydo launched its Responsive Editor about three months ago. So whether it’s a phone, tablet, television… or whatever might come next, your site is going to look great.

Webydo editor

Until recently, the editor peacefully co-existed with its predecessor, the good old Mobile Site Editor. Just a few days ago the Mobile Editor was completely replaced with the Responsive Studio and is no longer supported for new Webydo websites. However, you can bring it back using this shortcut in the control panel: Alt + M.

Please note: For users who have activated this feature in the past, you’ll be able to continue using it without any interruption. Your websites won’t be affected.

Responsive Studio Update

In order to activate or deactivate a breakpoint layout, check/uncheck the box above the relevant breakpoint layout.

Webydo editor
More Text Editor Options For Non-Styled Texts

Additional editing options have been added for users who are still working with the old Text Editor, such as:

  • Font size.
  • Text direction.
  • Text alignment.
  • Text indent.

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