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Webydo: the New Text Editor Is Here!

I can guarantee you spend a large part of your time pondering ways to personalize your site, and things like copy and fonts are the obvious elements we all like to play around with. There’s no doubt that the typefaces we use have a huge impact on such aspects of our website as readability, perceived article length, user experience, conversion rates and more. So it’s no surprise that designers take extreme caution in choosing the right fonts and displaying them the right way on their sites.

Webydo website builder approaches text editing with extreme caution, too, and introduces a completely remodeled Text Editor that allows smarter and faster customization along with cleaner code generation. Let’s take a closer look at the new editor.

Webydo - The New Text Editor

Typography Customization

The new panel allows you to customize typography with the following advanced tools: font, weight, font size, letter spacing, line height, text indent, margin and margin bottom and more. Webydo offers an extensive list of 600+ fonts.

Advanced Text Styling

The new Text Styles window allows you to apply, reuse or change the text styles throughout your website. This window helps you make sure that all paragraphs are organized in a clear hierarchy – Page Title stands for H1 tag, Title – H2, Subtitle – H3 etc.

You can override the properties of the chosen style or save your changes as a new style, and then apply this style all over your website. This will definitely save you a lot of time.

I really enjoyed using the new editor, it’s very smart and fast. Here’s the official video tutorial on it: