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The First Major Update to Weebly eCommerce in 2014

Weebly eCommerce

It never hurts to run a cool webstore in addition to a physical storefront. In 2012 eCommerce helped to sell goods for $231 in the USA! And if to believe forecasts, the number will reach $370 billion by 2017. So, in the light of this fact it makes sense to start selling online as soon as possible :). If you’re finding yourself thinking ‘I have no time or expertise to build and maintain a decent store’ let me convince you otherwise. There are many user-friendly eCommerce website builders allowing us to create feature-rich web stores quickly and painlessly. One of these is Weebly. It has just updated its eCommerce platform and I’m happy to share the details with you.

Coupon Builder

The coupon builder lets retailers create and manage coupons easily right from the store dashboard. The new interface allows you to adjust such properties as code, date and quantity. There are also advanced settings: discount type (dollar-based or percentage-based) and criteria (for all orders, for certain orders, certain amount etc.). This feature is available as part of the Weebly Business Plan.

Weebly Coupon Builder

Product Options

The new experience makes it easy to set accurate product options, specifically size, color and any other product property. By creating a single product option input, you’ll be able to use it for multiple SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). This will come in handy to those who deal with bulk sales.

Weebly Product Options

Personalized Emails

The new email dashboard allows you to create personalized emails sent to your store customers. You can edit email header and footer content in order to maximize your brand identity and build credit.

Notification Box

Because Weebly is mainly targeted at non-techies, it ensures everyone gets enough support during the entire process of web store creation. Therefore, they’ve introduced a lightweight notification system that will carefully assist you in launching and improving your store. It will focus your attention on important pending issues based on your store’s current condition. No worries, you won’t get any irrelevant or spammy messages.

Weebly Notification Box

If you’re going to set up a website with eCommerce capabilities, you may also want to check out the feature list of the uCoz e-Shop Module. For those looking to build an extra lightweight web store I highly recommend reading my MadeFreshly review.