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uKit Website Builder Updates From June

Continuous development means a lot to the product’s quality. The guys and gals at uKit are aware of it, and continuously add new features and improvements to the system. Notably, most of the latest additions were introduced based directly on the user feedback, which means the team listens closely to their audience and doesn’t take long to implement the changes.

The first month of the summer brought a lot of new features – both big and small. uKit is literally bursting with innovations for the summertime and we can’t wait to tell you about them. Here’s a quick roundup of what was launched in June.

  • Keeping your website’s content hidden from search engines – Now it is possible to hide a page from search engine results. Simple but yet a very useful feature that will come in handy both for beginners and advanced users who are into the SEO promotion.

    uKit Hidden Content

  • Uploading an image with a link – If your website features a lot of visual content, this addition will definitely simplify your work, as you can now add images by simply specifying their URLs. There is no longer a need to keep files stored on your computer or a hosting service.

    uKit Image Upload

  • Rearranging rows in the Price List widget – Change the item’s order in a table by simply dragging and dropping it to a new location.

    uKit Rearrange Price List

  • Duplicate option for widgets and blocks – If you put a lot of work into creating that perfect widget or block and need almost the exact one except for some minor changes, this feature will save you the trouble of configuring it from scratch.

    uKit Duplicate

  • Timer Widget – Count down time to any event. Perfect for promotions, flash sales, product launches, birthdays, happy hours, and more! The widget will create a sense of urgency for your offers, or, in case of a special event, fuel hype. In the Builder, navigate to Widgets > Content > Timer. The widget comes with 3 options: counts down time from the specified date till 00:00:00 (most common type); runs out at the defined date; and a repeated one – activates itself every day at a specific time.

    uKit Timer Widget

  • Adding a video to a blog post – Liven up your blog’s content with videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

    uKit Video Upload

  • Scheduling a publication – Create a post whenever it’s convenient for you, then schedule it to automatically publish itself at any time in the future. No need to be online to keep your content updated!

    uKit Scheduling

That’s it, those are the updates. We wish the uKit team good luck and hope that July will be no less productive. Looking forward to more exciting features and improvements.

By the way, you can also pitch them a suggestion on what you would like to see added to the system or improved. If the idea is rational, the odds are very high that they will bring it to life in the near future.

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