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uKit Updates: Backup System, New Designs, Anchor Links

Good news for all of us who use uKit! After looking through user feedback, the uKit team developed a bunch of new features to spice up your site’s design and make the website creation process even more secure.

Developing the features you need is the site builder’s number one priority, so please check them out and leave your feedback 😉 . Anyway, here they are:

Updated interface. If you’ve been working in the uKit control panel in the past few days, you may have noticed a few changes. The left-hand toolbar has been simplified, and is now much easier to use. Specifically, they’ve unified the style of settings and options – buttons, checkboxes, drop-down lists.

uKit interface

Anchor links and Back to Top button. Anchor links a smart and fun feature that gives your site visitors an easy and pleasant navigation experience. Anchors are a helpful navigation tool that allows to find information quickly, without having to scroll up or down the page. By clicking on an anchor link, you are taken exactly where you want to go: straight to the FAQ section, testimonials, down to the bottom or elsewhere.

uKit anchors

This feature is one of the hottest trends, and is an important asset of any long-scrolling homepage or a single-page site. Use it to help your site visitors navigate your site easier; it’s a great way to improve your site’s UX, and like all things uKit, it’s oh so easy to use.

Now, all uKit templates come with a Back to Top button that appears when you scroll down one screen. The button is enabled by default, but if needed, you can disable it.

Loading icon. If your visitors have a slow Internet connection, it may take pretty much time to load your portfolio. The new animated preloading indicator will inform visitors that the gallery is being loaded and photos will appear in a second or two.

New designs. There are now new designs in such categories as Stylist, Fashion Model, Photography, and a number of general-purpose themes to give you even more options for your website. All designs are responsive and can be customized to meet your personal needs.

new uKit templates

Pinterest widget. The new widget allows for seamless integration with Pinterest, which is now one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and a quite promising channel to promote your business. Simply open the new widget, add a link to a board and it will be displayed on your site.

Tip: Don’t publish Pinterest boards with only two or three pins on them – they look a bit unprofessional and ‘naked’. Instead, keep it unpublished until you’ve collected at least six or more good pins.

Bing maps. Why not? Competition benefits everyone 🙂 . From now on, uKit users can show the physical location of their business not only with Google Maps, but also using Bing.

uKit Bing Maps

Manual and automatic backups. Having a backup of your site is always a good idea. Backups help you restore your website after a failed redesign or any other mishap.

uKit provides two backup modes: Automatic and Manual. Automatic backups are generated by the system without user intervention at particular time intervals (weekly, monthly and quarterly). Manual backups are made by users themselves, at any time. You can create up to ten manual backups, as well as delete them when they’re no longer needed.

uKit backup system

By default, all backups are identified by the date, but you’re free to rename them to make it easier to find the right copy when the need arises.

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  • uKit offers a couple of backup modes: Automatic along with Guide. Automatic backups tend to be made by the program devoid of individual intervention from certain period intervals (weekly, regular along with quarterly). Guide backups are made through consumers themselves, without notice. You are able to create around ten guide backups, together with delete these as soon as they’re not essential….