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Timeless Principles of Web Design Usability

Because we have so little time to impress our visitors and make them love our product and return to our pages, we need to offer user experience that will go beyond a typical, plain website. The solution is the user-centered design. In fact, any kind of a website must be created with a customer in mind – developers, designers, marketologists and SEO assistants must cooperate during the process of website creation in order to ensure that their product will meet the requirements of the prospective users.

Although usability may seem to be a very complex measure, it’s built on simple, basic principles that are often obvious. Thus, if you’re about to launch a website make sure to consider the following points in your web project.

#1 Accessibility

Accessibility of your website is the keystone of usability. Its clear that websites that can’t be reached are worthless. If your website doesn’t work – for whatever reason – people will simply go to your competitors. Thus, when it comes to website availability and accessibility, you need to check the following aspects:

  • Server uptime. Never skimp on money when selecting a hosting plan (unless you’re using a TOP free website builder). Opt for a reliable hosting provider to ensure that your clients won’t face an error when trying to load your website.
  • Broken links. Double check your website for broken links. Nothing discourages visitors faster than 404 pages.
  • Mobile version. These days, when more people start using their mobile devices as primary web browsing tools, ignoring mobile responsiveness can be a debacle. Test your website for mobile compatibility.

#2 Clarity

Clarity and simplicity make up the core of usability. When landing at your website, your first-time visitor must be able to answer immediately the following questions:

  1. What kind of place is this?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. Why should I do this?

And it’s obvious that the simpler your design, the faster your visitor answers these questions. Cluttering your web design with unnecessary banners, pop-ups, categories, pictures and menus is the recipe for disaster. Your design should be be calming, not irritating.

The integral elements of clarity are familiarity (tend to use traditional solutions that people already know and use), consistency (use the same solutions for all pages in order to keep your users’ mind at ease), and guidance (help people orient and show them what you have to offer).

#3 Learnability

It goes without saying that people do like familiar patterns and interfaces. However, if you want to make others speak about your service, you need to bring in new ideas in terms of user experience and interaction. These must be very clear and straightforward. Don’t wait that your customers will learn to use your new interactive solutions by trial and error, but guide them through your site and explain the value of features you offer. To make the learning process easier and faster, ensure your instructions include enough visual illustrations.

#4 Credibility

Even if you post high quality, unique content but your visitors don’t trust you – your website is worthless. People don’t trust web resources that don’t furnish their contact data, real physical address and bios. It’s also crucial to provide exhaustive information about the essence of your business, your main target and values in the About Us section. This is the first place people check when landing at a new page.

Don’t hesitate to display third-party testimonials and press reactions (newspapers, videos, etc.). If you’re an expert in your sphere – let your visitors know this.

#5 Relevancy

Your content should meet your customers’ expectations. For instance, if you say that you’re an e-shop, your users must be able to buy goods through your website, see the price tags and be able to explore the product from different angles. The same is applied to your navigation – all the links should go to the related content. On Superb Website Builders, for instance, you won’t find a review in the Web Design section, there’s a special section for website builders reviews.

Final Thoughts

These were the basics of usability. Of course, it’s impossible to attain good usability overnight. However, you can implement some of these suggestions right now. Good luck 🙂