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The DudaPro Program

Website builders have come a long way over the past years, morphing from primitive, buggy page construction kits with clunky interfaces to complex website management systems which can compete with major web publishing players like WordPress. Today we’re talking about one of the fastest growing site builders – DudaOne, specifically about its updated DudaPro offer.


Duda is a unique website builder that targets both the end user and the reseller (entrepreneurs, designers and agencies of all sizes). We’ve already outlined the advantages of using this site builder for an individual project in our DudaOne Review, and here’s how you can benefit from joining their DudaPro plan as a reseller:

  • White label. Duda partners are provided with an array of white labeled tools including the Duda editor itself, client dashboard, login page and more. All the tools, including the editor will be run under the partner’s domain name. The display of each page is customizable to match your brand’s overall style.
  • Complete API access and access to source code.
  • Faster development: building a website with Duda is a completely code-free process (there are advanced editors, too, don’t fret), which means that the bulk of web design work can be done without having to engage developers. Websites can be built directly by your creatives.
  • As a Duda reseller, you can control which features each worker can and can’t access. For example, you can enable your designer to only get access to the tools he or she needs to modify the design of a site, while your copywriter will only get access to the text editing tools. The same is about your clients – you can allow your customer to only perform basic edits – no worries about customers who log in and mess up the website 🙂

Duda partners get access to both DudaOne and DudaMobile platforms, and also get additional discounts on plans.

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