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Student Discount from IM Creator

Regardless of the chosen career path, it’s important for students to have a web presence that makes a lasting impression. A simple, but well-designed online portfolio can play an important role in finding prospective employees and clients. But creating a full-featured website can be too expensive for the average student, that’s why some website builders offer special plans for college students. One of these is IM Creator.

IM Creator - Students

IM Creator team is excited to announce the release of IM Creator Students, a special plan designed to help students start their careers in an easy way. The plan offers a 30% discount off their Premium subscription. Simply log into IM Creator Students and insert your university email address to get a coupon.

Just to recap, similar discounts for students are offered by:

Squarespace (Squarespace Students: 50% off on the first year with Squarespace) + Squarespace Ambassador Program;

Webflow (Academic Plan: 50% off, for non-commercial use only);

Webydo (Academic Plan, contact their Support for more details);

uCoz (removes adverts from non-commercial websites: charity sites, school sites etc.).

  • As a IM creator this is so much better by you for the students that they are now find the more easy way to IM program. I hope in future many educators are be interesting in Im education. ..