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Creating a Website with a Website Builder in a Nutshell

In this post I’m going to list and comment on basic steps to create a website using one of the popular site constructors. You’ll be surprised to learn that designing a website and going live can be so easy :). But you must also realize that creating a website isn’t just about filling some form with relevant content and publishing it – this is an ongoing process encompassing optimization, branding and promotion as well (in case you’re about to build a business website).

So, what are the steps to create a website? In a nutshell these are:

idea -> site builder -> design -> content -> domain -> going live -> optimization -> branding and promotion

1. Idea. This is a must have! In case you want to build a dynamic, useful website, you need to make a blueprint of it.

2. Site builder. In order to share this idea you need to select an effective website builder that will cater your unique needs perfectly. I highly recommend checking out the functionality of the platform before putting all eggs in one basket. Opt for a tested, reliable constructor like uCoz, Wix or Webstarts, for instance.

3. Design. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have to customize your website design so that it will perfectly reflect the essence of your web presence. You will find many helpful advice on how to do this wisely in my Web Design section.

4. Content. Content is what makes your website different from other websites. It must be unique, engaging and useful. Proofread your posts, use diverse content formats (videos, audios, infographics) to keep your visitors engaged.

5. Domain. Custom domain (like is a crucial element of any professional website. In most cases you’ll have to pay for this, but still, there are some platforms allowing you to make a FREE website with your own domain name (uCoz, for instance).

Suggestion: take your time to come up with a sharp, easy-to-remember and recall name. Domain name is the first thing visitors notice about your website. It must be perfect.

6. Going live. Once you’ve moved your website to a domain, you can publish it to the world. Luckily, if you use a website builder, this process will be implemented in a matter of seconds – just press ‘Publish’ or ‘Go live’ button (depending on your platform).

7. Optimization. When your website is on air, you may want to optimize it for search engines. The very term SEO shouldn’t send shivers down your spine – most site constructors offer very intuitive, advanced SEO tools that are not inferior to other popular CMS SEO packs.

8. Branding and promotion. If you’re serious about your online undertaking, I highly recommend you reading my post How to Maximize Your Brand Identity.

Surely, it’s impossible to complete all these stages within a few days – it takes months to build a website that can bring income. However, you can take at least 5 (!) of these steps right now, in mere minutes! Just register on a website builder you like, and you will be attentively guided through all the stages of website building. Good news is that 99% of website builders have free plans and allow you to use them as long as you wish :). Good luck!