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Squarespace Presents the Squarespace Badge

While most ‘freemium’ website builders oblige customers to show their branding and in some cases even third-party ads both in free in basic packages, there are also noble publishing platforms that allow users to completely remove all system branding from their websites. One of these is Squarespace. The most surprising thing is that this policy seems to provoke an opposite reaction – people are proud of using these ‘noble’ services and want to share that fact with their site visitors. This case study can give food for thought for site builders’ marketologists.

Picture Credit: Squarespace Blog

Squarespace introduced the Squarespace Badge in response to a popular request from users. This badge is a tiny logo that displays ‘Powered by Squarespace’ copy when you hover your mouse over it. To attach the Squarespace Badge to the website, go to the Settings menu and click ‘Overlays’. Pick a badge (white or black), position it on the canvas and choose to show the badge only when scrolling.

Squarespace - Logos

If you’re a proud owner of a website powered by Squarespace and you choose to display the badge, link with Squarespace team on Twitter with the hashtag #squarespace.