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Squarespace Updates: Customizable Checkout. Check it Out

Over the past few months Squarespace developers added many valuable upgrades to their Commerce platform, all with the aim of allowing e-retailers to create a better shopping experience that in its turn should translate into better sales and increased profit. One of the most exciting new features is Customizable Checkout. It not only allows to create a branded checkout experience, but also provides the ability to collect additional information from your customers. Let’s dig deeper into it.

1. Checkout page customization. This feature helps you style your checkout experience to match the aesthetic of your website. Specifically, you can add a logo, change the background color, as well as change the color of the checkout buttons, including the Continue and Redeem buttons.

2. Custom forms at checkout. In addition to customizing the style of the checkout page, you can also make some functional changes. Specifically, you can integrate a custom checkout form for customers to complete when they place an order on your webstore, including a checkbox to make sure the customer agrees to your terms and conditions, and more.

Squarespace - Custom Checkout Form

3. In-site order confirmation page. Thanks to this feature, your shoppers will receive their order confirmation message on a page within your website matching your brand style. Presumably, this will encourage customers to continue shopping even after checking out.