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Spring Updates at uCoz

Bloggers rejoice! March has brought three uCoz updates, so I hasten to share those with you. The updates are minor, yet noteworthy.

1. E-Shop. As promised, some new features have been added to the E-shop module. Specifically, they’ve made it possible to upload files in the XLSX format; calculate profit and send E-shop notifications in the HTML format.

uCoz - E-shop

2. Visual Editor. uCoz devs have replaced the old Visual Editor with a brand new WYSIWYG entry editor which is not only user-friendlier, but also Google-friendlier. The code produced by the new editor is much cleaner than it used to be.

uCoz - The New Editor

3. System and Error pages. All uCoz system and error pages have been brought to the common design. These are 404, 502, 401 and other Error pages, as well as deactivation, access denied, blocking etc. From now on, all these pages include useful links, detailed explanation of the issue you’re facing and cute, animated graphics. I love that cat :)!

uCoz - Site not Found

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