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Which Is Your Favorite Website Builder?

I’m often asked what is my favorite website builder. Well, the good news is that web service exists 😀 . My quick response is uCoz website builder. But as the owner of SuperbWebsiteBuilders I can’t just leave you with this quick answer, because my award of five stars for uCoz’s flexibility doesn’t mean you’ll also enjoy it. So let me briefly explain the benefits and disadvantages of this website builder so you can make an informed decision.

uCoz differs from its competition. Here’s how: site builders like Wix or IM Creator which let you drag and drop elements onto the screen are based on absolute positioning, meaning your content is scattered all over the page. In uCoz, you can’t drag and drop elements onto the screen, as it’s based on the box model. You add content to the boxes – that’s how websites are built by professional web designers.

Because all your content is stored in these ‘blocks’ you can easily switch templates without losing any of your data. In website builders based on absolute positioning, swapping templates is impossible.

What I like most about uCoz is the extensive degree of customization it allows for. Other platforms often provide something more watered-down. uCoz opens up the codes allowing users to insert their own scripts.

Find out more about uCoz and its functional modules.

And which is your favorite site builder?

  • Tomasas

    Site.pro is also a good one

  • Karinakar

    Hello, my friend! You know, I’m not a big fan of website builders, but it happened to me to use Site.pro for a few of my works and I stayed very satisfied with this service. Really easy and comfortable to use, no special skills needed. Moreover, for the period that I have used it there was no problems ever. So I really suggest you to try it out, I think you will be satisfied, too 🙂 http://site.pro/