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How to Create a Portfolio Website by Yourself

Creating an online portfolio is the best way to spread the word about your personality, whether you’re a photographer, designer, singer or writer. In this article we’re going to show you the easiest way to create a portfolio website from scratch – using an online website builder.

Website builders are exclusively designed for non-techies, and operate as ‘all-in-one’ services where you can get everything you need to create, publish and maintain a website.

Whether you need to purchase and connect a custom domain name, change the template or set shipping rates for your store section – everything is done through the control panel of your site builder. No need to create multiple accounts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for portfolio website. These include both industry-specific platforms and versatile site builders.

Wix – The Best Portfolio Website Builder

Wix is also a great option. Just like uKit, it offers a user-friendly interface dominated by a preview of your website where you can change your site’s appearance by positioning site elements anywhere on the page.

Wix Portfolio Website Builder

The forte of Wix is its impressive collection of in-house and third-party applications that you can seamlessly integrate into your website directly through the control panel. There are both free and paid applications (the fee is charged on top of the standard Wix fee).

uKit – The Easiest Website Builder to Create a Portfolio Website

uKit is a drag-and-drop site builder that provides all the tools you need to build and manage a professional-looking, highly functional portfolio with web hosting included. With its collection of attractive responsive templates in different industry categories including Photography, Fashion Model and Stylist, among others, uKit is a great pick for building a portfolio website.

uKit Portfolio Website Builder

The site-building interface is as clear as it gets: there’s a row of page elements and blocks in the left sidebar – text, separator, image, slider and so on – that you simply drag to the page where you want them to appear.

Priced at $5/mo, uKit’s full-featured plan is one of the best deals in the market.

Pixpa – Site Builder with Stylish Portfolio Templates

Pixpa is a specialized drag-and-drop portfolio website builder. In addition to its maximally simplified interface, Pixpa has a blogging system that allows creating blogs within your website. If you’re looking to build a portfolio with an integrated blogging system, Pixpa can be just what you need.

Pixpa Website Builder

Pixpa proposes a 15-day trial period and three paid plans. If you don’t want to create too much galleries within your portfolio website, the ‘Starter’ Package for $8/mo would be the best offer to you.


In general, all website builders can be divided into two types: industry-specific or specialized and versatile platforms. In other words, if you’re looking to create a portfolio site you can choose between a portfolio website builder and a multi-purpose platform.

At first glance it seems that specialized portfolio builders are the best option. Not always.

We hope this article will help you create the portfolio of your dreams! In fact, it doesn’t really matter which platform you choose to showcase your work, as there are no ideal site builders. But there are great ideas, creativity and desire to share your portfolio with the world.