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Goodbye Blank Pages. Hello Page Layouts and IFTTT Integration

We’ve got two great Weebly updates to share today: Page Layouts and IFTTT integration. Sounds complicated? Don’t fret. Just like anything else in Weebly, these new features are oh-so-easy-to-use 😉 . Check them out:

IFTTT Integration

What is IFTTT? It’s a smart platform that lets you connect the apps and products you love by creating recipes. What are recipes? Recipes are simple connections between apps and products that let you create your very own customizable events and automated tasks. For instance, you can create a recipe connecting your YouTube account and Weebly to publish a post on your Weebly blog if you upload a video to YouTube.


You can choose one of the ready recipes created by Weebly devs, or make your own Weebly recipes by combining various triggers and actions available on the Weebly channel.

Page Layouts

Page Layouts is a new Weebly feature that helps you create new pages faster and more effectively. Now, when you add a new page, you can choose a predefined layout design that will automatically fill your blank page with real site elements. You can then alter, delete, or add new elements to this page.

These customizable page frameworks are meant to save your time and make it easier to create the right page type. Check out this introduction to Page Layouts:

Feel free to share your favorite Weebly recipes in the comments!