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The New uCoz Comments Have Arrived

uCoz users rejoice 🙂 ! Finally, your commenting prayers have been answered. uCoz developers have been working nonstop to bring you the whole new commenting system. The new system allows visitors to use various social media networks simultaneously in a single discussion. Guess it’s time to dust off my test uCoz website and see the new feature in action.

uCoz - Test Comments

Firstly, let’s enable the new commenting system. This can be done with a few clicks in the Tools tab, in the control panel of your uCoz-driven website (see screenshot).

uCoz - Enable New Comments

Now that you have switched to the new commenting type, it’s yours to configure. Specifically, you can choose a theme (Light/Dark), set of login icons, number of comments per page as well as their placement (bottom/top). Comment boxes will be enabled only in the modules you’ve checked in the control panel.

Once you have enabled the new system, updated its settings and logged in via a social network, you’ll see a comment box offering three posting options: publish to the social networking site, publish anonymously and subscribe to the entry comments. You can also leave a comment without publishing it to the chosen network.

The system is really handy and easy-to-use, but the cherry on top is its inbuilt anti-spam functionality. All entries can be marked as spam.

uCoz - Spam Reports

Thanks to the spam reports, website moderators can now view and delete marked comments. Read more about the new update on the official blog of uCoz.

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  • asdf

    How to post without logging in? That is, how to post anonymously?

    • Hi,
      Once you have enabled the new commenting system, you can leave a comment anonymously by logging in first and then clicking the ‘anonymously’ icon. You need to log in to be able to follow the discussion.