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MotoCMS: Media Library and Preloader

MotoCMS Media Library

Today we’re taking a closer look at MotoCMS Media Library and Preloader which is one of the most in-demand tools for Flash websites. While Media Library is geared towards making your file management as easy and effective as possible, their smart Preloader will keep visitors with a slow Internet connection engaged and intrigued – seeing that something is coming is definitely better than nothing :).

Media Library

Media Library allows you to upload, group, move and remove various files in a professional and hassle-free manner. MotoCMS Media Libraries already contain files used in the theme: backgrounds, icons, preloaders, thumbnails and other media. You’ll be surprised to see that Media Library isn’t just a huge folderful of media assets, but a multifunctional system allowing you to maximally improve working with files. For instance, you can create folders within the library or filter existing media for choosing one particular file type to work with.

There are two ways to add files to your website: upload those from your computer or connect to your Facebook, Flickr, Youtube or Picasa accounts. Whatever option you choose, the process is fast and smooth.

You may want to watch an official MotoCMS video on Media Library:


With MotoCMS you can edit files directly in the admin panel – no need to use special editing programs. The Editor is quite impressive: there are tons of functions, including advanced editing options like fit, resizing, advanced rotation (you can set rotation angle), hue, saturation, color balance, contrast & brightness, blur & sharpness just to name a few. Remember to set metadata (title, alt) – it’s very important from an SEO standpoint.

MotoCMS - Media Library Editor


Flash-based websites may require pretty much time to load, and site visitors have to show patience to enter an animated website. But are there ways to make visitors spend their time not only without regret, but also with pleasure? This is where preloaders come into play. The main purpose of the site preloader is to engage visitors and show how much time the site needs to be loaded.

There are two customizable preloaders in the MotoCMS control panel: website preloader and page preloader. You can upload a custom preloader to your Media Library and then go to the Preferences -> Website Preferences -> Website Settings to activate it. Useful tip: ensure you’re using a .gif file.

MotoCMS - Website Preloader

MotoCMS templates are all very beautiful and already have inbuilt preloaders that match the overall tone of the design. But if you want something custom and more complicated, nothing stops you from purchasing or creating a custom .gif file for your unique website. You may also browse for online preloader generators – there are many free web services enabling non-techies to create decent loading indicators. Just choose a preloader type (3D, horizontal, rectangular, circular etc.), set background and foreground colors and watch the system generating your loader.

You may use loading indicators both for HTML and Flash sites. Below is an example of a default MotoCMS preloader for an HTML template, simple and elegant.

MotoCMS - Preloader Example