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A Brief Guide to MotoCMS HTML Widgets

MotoCMS Homepage

Because it’s difficult to cover all functions and features of any system with a single review, I often highlight most interesting features in separate articles. Today we’re talking about the MotoCMS control panel’s functionality, namely HTML widgets. Let me remind you that this website builder provides HTML and Flash templates that have slight differences in their feature sets.

The HTML collection of widgets provided by MotoCMS is comprised of various extensions/plug-ins or whatever you might want to call them that are geared towards improving your site’s functionality and design. Let’s discuss each widget in detail.

Contact form. Contact form is an essential element of any website – it strengthens your professionalism in visitors’ eyes and helps build credit. It’s also vital for establishing contact with your clients and getting feedback. Ideally, you should have a separate page or pop-up for it. Therefore the ‘Contact form’ widget allows you to build a custom contact form that will perfectly match the overall style of your site and business.

MotoCMS - Contact Forms

Galleries. This widget offers 8 ways to present your content: Background Slider, Carousel Gallery, Reflection Gallery, Grid Gallery, Slider with Thumbnails and more. Each gallery winningly showcases images and adds a professional touch to the design. Ideal for photography portfolios, fashion-related resources and other industries that rely on visual effects. Most of all I liked their Reflection Gallery (see the screenshot). Opacity percentage, text characteristics and distance between images can be adjusted.

MotoCMS - Reflection Gallery

General widgets. This group of widgets is comprised of 6 different extensions, specifically:

  • Button: users can create buttons and place them anywhere on the page. Each button is highly customizable: you can set such properties as Style, Hover Style, Icon Style and more.
  • HTML: users can inject their own and predetermined code snippets (mainly social media buttons) into any page.

MotoCMS - HTML Widget

  • PayPal Buy Now. This widget has a range of customizable properties: email address to receive payments; item name; item ID; currency (MotoCMS supports 22 currencies: from U.S. Dollars to THB and TWD); price; additional amounts (shipping, tax). The payment window can be opened both in the current and new tab.
  • PayPal Donate. 
  • Rich Content.
  • Vimeo Video.
  • Maps. This widget lets users increase their findability via embedding Google Maps. This widget is highly customizable: you can choose between different Map Types (Hybrid, Normal, Physical, Satellite), adjust Zoom, Map Focus and other properties.

MotoCMS - Google Maps

Menus. The ‘Menus’ widget helps users establish an easy website navigation. They can choose between Horizontal and Vertical menus. Other than orientation, both have absolutely identical features. These include:

  • General settings: menu text style, icon position, submenu text style etc.
  • Main menu style: delimiter, buttons hover style, buttons style etc.
  • Submenu style and more.

All these widgets can be added and adjusted ad lib until you reach the desired look. Developers may create their own widgets and integrate them into the MotoCMS control panel.

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