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MotoCMS: Down with Boring 404 Error Pages!

When it comes to website building, one of my greatest weaknesses are custom 404 Error pages. As I see it, having a smart or at least useful 404 Error page is as important as having useful content. When I see a beautifully made error page I think that the website owner must be a smart guy and he (or she of course) cares about website visitors regardless of which page they happen to land on. So, it’s time to disclose my weakness #2 – website builders offering easy 404 Error customization. One of these is MotoCMS. Let’s see how one can create a custom error page using this website builder.

MotoCMS - 404 Error Page

404 Error Page

You’ll be surprised to learn how easy the entire process is. All you need is to enter the admin panel, open your page manager and select ‘404 page’. You will be redirected to the default version of this page. Now you can unleash your imagination and create your unique 404 page. Similar to other pages, it can be fully rebuilt – from content layout to fonts and widgets. For instance, you can place links to your social media pages and encourage your visitors to click on them, embed the Google Maps widget or even inject your own HTML code. In other words, the only limit is your imagination :). Once you have finished editing the page remember to save edits. To check how your Error page looks just misspell any of the existing inner urls and you will be redirected to the freshly customized Error page.

MotoCMS - Custom 404 Error Page

Under Construction Page

It seems that MotoCMS devs have ready solutions for all occasions: in addition to the customizable 404 Error pages they also offer ‘Under Construction’ page option. Using this option website owners can activate a placeholder web page informing visitors about current works. So, if you decided to install a new theme or brush up the current design, just open your ‘Website Preferences’, select the ‘Under Construction’ tab and tick ‘Enable the Under Construction’ mode. There are two default themes for this mode: Standard Black and White. You can also leave a custom message, specifically your contact information for users to reach you while your site is under construction.

MotoCMS - Under Construction

If you’re not familiar with MotoCMS website builder, you may want to read my detailed review of this platform or try it for yourself – they offer a 30-day trial. Below is a shortlist of MotoCMS features:

  • Rich template gallery (there are more than 1,500 HTML and Flash themes).
  • No coding required.
  • Online Font Creator (available in Flash themes) and Google Fonts (in HTML themes).
  • Preset widgets (Google Maps, Media and Music players, Search, News, Buy now button and more).
  • Inbuilt mobile editor: you can preview and edit your site’s mobile view.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Bear in mind, that unlike other website builders, MotoCMS doesn’t offer hosting services – you have to purchase a domain name and hosting from a third party to be able to publish your website.