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Moonfruit Updates the Blog and Contact Form

Moonfruit - Migrate Blogs Easily

Moonfruit devs have reworked their blogging platform and contact page editor for the age of HTML5. These were the most requested features to update. It’s important to note that this is a beta release – both updates will be improved over the coming weeks and months. And now let’s have a closer look at the current Blogging platform and Contact form editor (beta release, v6).

Contact Form

The new Contact Form can be placed onto any page of your website. You will find the widget in the main editing toolbar. At the moment you can only change the size of the form (by dragging the corners). But they’ve not yet added the ability to customize colors, buttons, fonts and shapes. These updates are on the way. There are three obligatory fields to fill in: Name, Email Address and Message.

Moonfruit - Contact Form Release

The form submissions will be emailed to the Site Owner email address by default. Users can change the email address that collects the forms by making changes in the ‘Site Information’ menu.


When improving the blogging platform for v6, Moonfruit devs focused mainly on improving its SEO capabilities and viewing experience. So, from now on users can add personal blogs to their sites obviating the need to create separate blogging profiles using third-party platforms. These blogs are expected to be SEO-friendly and optimized for phones and tablets.

Moonfruit - Blog v6 Release

Moonfruit customers who have migrated their websites to v6 will get all updates automatically – all their blog posts from v5 will be imported to the new version. When the comments feature arrives, all comments left on your old blog will be also transported, without you doing nothing extra.

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