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Moonfruit Updates Its Footer Settings and Metadata/SEO Pack

Although Moonfruit is now primarily focused on developing its v6 forms, they continue improving other features of the system without sacrificing quality of the new ones. A week ago they’ve significantly improved their Footer settings, SEO pack and navigation. Take these updates into account when selecting a website builder for your next project :).


For an unknown reason the importance of footers is often overlooked. Perhaps, it’s because of its bottom position :). Anyway, footer is an important structural part of any website, and you shouldn’t ignore it. I wouldn’t say it’s a must, but it can be instrumental in organizing your website navigation. As a rule, website owners fill their footers with the links that doesn’t fit into their main menu, and also social media buttons, About Us section, etc.

Moonfruit, being a very versatile website builder spreads its flexibility to the footer customization, as well. As of today, you can stuff the footer of your Moonfruit-powered website with any virtual objects imaginable: images, buttons, snippets, shapes, links and alike. You may also resize your footer and hide it on certain pages (if needed).


Moonfruit has also improved the experience of adding meta data. Now their SEO box features a character counter and a ‘tooltip’ allowing you to learn SEO basics as you build. The order in which the meta tags appear has also been changed: now they’re placed according to their importance in terms of search optimization: Page Title, Description, Keywords.