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Mobirise Website Builder Review

Mobirise homepage

Mobirise.com finally took the wraps off its offline application for creating websites in a drag-and-drop interface. The long-awaited software is now available for Windows, Mac, Android devices, and our review!

As its name suggests, Mobirise was developed with the multi-screen world in mind. The platform works out-of-the-box and requires minimum expertise to build and edit sites. But what makes it unique?

Having reviewed over fifty website builders of all possible kinds, we can confidently state that Mobirise’s offering is quite unusual. Join us testing this new product.

#1 Ease of Use

Unlike the majority of site builders that work in your browser, Mobirise is an offline program that you need to download and install on your computer. Though the process is fast and intuitive, it can still be a roadblock for those preferring building websites in the cloud.

Being a downloadable app is both an advantage and a disadvantage. For instance, Mobirise lets you work offline on your site from any place; no Internet connection required. What’s more, with Mobirise you’re not limited to just one service provider – you’re free to publish your website whenever you want. But on the other hand, this approach makes it difficult to work collaboratively on your site, as there’re no online accounts, like in Wix or Weebly.

Other than the offline issue, there’s nothing to worry about. The platform has a user-friendly WYSIWYG editing environment that makes the process of website creation a matter of drag-and-drop.

Mobirise interface

If you don’t feel like downloading the software right away, here’s a brief video that shows what to expect from Mobirise in terms of ease of use:

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Mobirise is designed to build small/medium websites, landing pages, portfolios, promo sites for products, events and services, so it’s more focused on the visual side of things, rather than heavy functionality.

Mobirise widgets

Thus, the builder lets you easily create beautiful web pages using ready blocks and elements, such as contact forms, image galleries, sliders, Google Maps, social media buttons, and menus, among others. Additional features include parallax scrolling and the Articles feature, which is in fact a simple way to add a blog to your site.

# 3 Designs

Users start with a blank page that can be populated with any sort of content. When you drag a content block to a page, it automatically adds functional site elements to your site. You can then edit, remove and add new elements to the page. Users can customize fonts using the Google fonts feature.

Mobirise style editor

All Mobirise sites are mobile-ready from the start. The preview bar lets you see what your site looks like across various devices.

#4 Customer support

Other than twenty video tutorials and some general articles, there’re no categorized support materials available. You can contact Mobirise devs directly via email or a social media channel. We noticed that Mobirise are especially active on their Facebook account.

#5 Pricing policy

Mobirise is free, for both commercial and non-profit use.


The platform is easy-to-use, but it still requires at least basic knowledge on how to find a hosting provider, get the right hosting plan and publish your site online.

Mobirise review: Conclusion

Mobirise lets you build a small/medium refined-looking, mobile-friendly website in no time for free without being tied to a particular service provider. Once your website is ready, you can decide where to host your website (while with most site builders you can’t move your site from their servers). It’s free, give it a try 😉 .

 Download Mobrise today, it’s free!

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  • Christian belisle

    Amazing software, i check for week to find a web site builder, and just with the vidéo it blow my mind ! It look like what im searching for creating nice looking website, without passing long hours ! And spend atone of money. Im trill to come home and try tomorrow !

  • Mike

    Just giving an update. For $100 you can buy their code editor to edit code. I did. With this tool enabled did the products shortcomings become clearly obvious.

    They have locked the master css so forget being able to make any changes whatsoever to the blocks they offer. even a tiny tweak has to be replicated by hand to every page. (eg rounded button style) Support said I can make changes to the published css but this will just get overwritten next time I publish. What good is that?

    Also, its not possible to add js or stuff like adsense to the site created via their custom editor.

    Very disappointed. The product might be fun to use but when you dig deeper you’ll soon discover its rigid, inflexible and not a tool we can use for anything beyond creating simple static brochureware. I’ll have to find another product that hopefully will be able to import all this work that is now useless and must move on.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mike!

    • Claudio Carvajal Z.

      Hi Mike… Thanks for your information. Did you find a better tool?


  • Dominick Burman

    Mobirise is free. The code editor extension is an optional feature and useful for coders only, but if you know how to code HTML, use notepad or something similar. As for me, non-coder, the mobirise is a fantastic thing!

  • Charanjeet Lamba

    wow! Ease of use taken to a new level indeed, breathing in life to the website builders! Well done and keep up the good work>>>>>>

  • swenk22

    I was attracted by the responsive design and the simple parallax design. I used it to do a site and then took it out into a text editor to do custom html changes, before they had their html editor… it’s been useful and I’ve been happy with it but now I’m feeling a little stuck with my content in this design.

  • Jacob Jeremiah

    hey! how do my mobirise website come live online! What are the suggested hosting services providers? That’s the BIG hitch with mobirise!!!!

    • Hi, Jacob,
      Mobirise is an offline website builder and after your website creation you should choose hosting for your website. How to choose the best hosting is not a simple question – it’s like how to choose the best website builder – there are lots on nuances, depending of your website size, estimated traffic etc.

  • Marto Mato

    Can I edit the site after hosting? Like I would like to keep updating the information on the website?

    • Hi, Marto,
      Sure, you can edit your website at any time after you’ve hosted it.

  • Seppo Niiranen

    How it compares to Blocs?

  • kevin

    I just discovered this and I am blown away. So easy to use!

  • Guy

    They are hiding the fact that they are charging you annually, and not a one time payment. If you want the HTML editing availability, they ask you to pay for $69, but nowhere it says that it’s not a one time payment. I’ve uninstalled it.

  • Turgut ünal

    Very lovely software. Very usefull for startup projects. Hope they would go on devoloping this software to have more unique looks for projects. if to compere to anything. It should be “imcreator”. Hope they would catch this one.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment!

      With regards,
      Howard Steele.