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Learn to Be a Wix Webmaster: Meet WixEd

Wix website builder announced the launch of WixEd, an education program for Wix users who would like to start their own web design business.

The program is free and requires no previous experience. The only tuition required is your creative talent and commitment. The key goals of the program are:

  • Teaching people how to turn their creative skills into a business (build beautiful websites).
  • Support aspiring professionals as they make their first steps in this business.
  • Help small business owners achieve growth and success.


How it works

Through a series of online video lessons students are introduced to the fundamental aspects of designing and managing a website, as well as running a business venture. Class titles include Website Content Strategy, Webmaster Terminology, Intro to eCommerce, Accounting for Creatives, SEO, Building a Price Proposal and more.

Students are required to submit homework assignments and complete quizzes that assess their understanding of basic concepts. For instance, you’ll be asked to design a brief for a fictional brand, oultine a website structure from scratch, conduct research on potential clients and more.

Once you successfully complete the course, you’ll earn an official Wix Certificate.


On top of all the skills you’ll acquire, you’ll be awarded with career points and Wix Coins for each upgraded website. You can use Wix Coins to purchase gadgets and gift cards from various retail websites.

Ready for the challenge of becoming a certified webmaster?