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Jimdo Website Builder Review

Jimdo is one of the most powerful international website builders today. Users love this platform for its incredible simplicity in every way, and especially for their unparalleled online store module. So, let’s look closer at the benefits and probable disadvantages of this site constructor.


This website builder is very conservative in terms of design. It offers a selection of neat, standard templates that don’t have any head-turning elements. Their editor is incredibly simple and easy-to-navigate. However, switching from one layout to another may trigger some annoyances (for instance, it can move your content to odd places). That’s why when creating a website on Jimdo it’s highly recommended to stick to a certain layout from the very beginning.

Compared to other website builders, Jimdo offers lots of room for customization in terms of styles: its solid styles editor enables you to select the most appropriate solutions for your website.

Ease of Use

Similarly to other platforms, Jimdo doesn’t require any prior HTML knowledge and other webmastering skills. It’s interface is rather intuitive and well structured. However, sometimes you may find yourself scratching your head (for instance, when looking for the ‘Close’ button in their editor). Another drawback is that there’s no preview function. The positive aspect is its speed. Jimdo does have a very fast-acting editor.

E-Commerce Module

Jimdo is a real godsend for those who’re about to create an online store. The functionality of their e-shop module doesn’t differ from the functionality of the expensive, specially tailored Internet stores. It covers a lot of aspects:

  • Order confirmation emails.

  • Shipping costs.

  • Order processing, etc.

What’s more – they have a cool QR codes generator. As for me, it is a really unparalleled feature. With the help of these Quick Response codes you’ll be able to link your offline sales to your website effortlessly.

In fact, creating a solid web store module was a huge part of the Jimdo’s marketing strategy. And we must admit that this investment has paid off – Jimdo is considered to be one of the most safe and solid website builders oriented on e-commerce.

Additional Functionality

Jimdo’s staff are continually improving their platforms’ performance by introducing new handy solutions. Today you can enjoy the following functions:

  • Integrating Dropbox account. This will make file uploading faster and easier.

  • Automatic mobile version. It’s a great function, as it allows your customers reach your website from mobile devices, too. However, the template design for mobile version is the same for every Jimdo-powered website.


In terms of visual impression, Jimdo doesn’t offer anything jaw-dropping. However, it offers a great functionality, especially when it comes to e-commerce. So, if you are about to launch an online store Jimdo is just what you need. But if you’re more concerned about the visual aspect of your website, you’d better opt for another platform offering more sophisticated web design solutions.

Jimdo and Other Platforms

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