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Jimdo Website Builder Review

Four years ago I would describe Jimdo as a revolutionary website builder offering unparalleled eCommerce capabilities or something like that. However, the reality is that the web publishing market is an ever-changing world and today it can offer dozens of by no means less functional eCommerce platforms …and Jimdo seems to lose ground to most of them.

Jimdo - Homepage

There’s no doubt that Jimdo is a solid, sophisticated product. However, as with many sophisticated products there are many pain points that need to be addressed. For now, it’s a rather simple, but not very intuitive website builder with a decent native eCommerce platform.

#1 Ease of Use

From a first time user perspective, it’s complicated. It could be much more easier. It doesn’t offer pure drag-and-dropping and is quite unpredictable. I ran into many small usability issues during my test drive. Though those were small problems, they were quite annoying. For instance, if I’m not happy with the default background of my Jimdo website I assume I can choose another background simply by switching different variants in the WYSIWYG mode. Partially. Each time you select a new background you’re redirected to the home page of your control panel, and you have to go through the same sections and tabs again and again in order to try other backgrounds. This and other minor inconveniences make the workflow difficult and painful.

Jimdo - Editor

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Though Jimdo is somewhat lacking in terms of usability, its feature set is very impressive. Their blogging platform allows you to start a blog ‘on steroids’ :) . With Jimdo you can create dynamic blog posts offering various user interactions: file download (FYI: you can enable synchronization with your Dropbox account), custom widget/HTML, form, Google Maps, flash animation (.swf files) and more.

Jimdo - Blog

Jimdo’s eCommerce is also highly customizable. There are tons of properties to configure: product display, tax (you can set an individual tax rate for each item), item availability, shipping costs and time description, payment options, cancellation and return policies, custom salutation and email confirmation/completed checkout messages etc.

Jimdo - Adding a Product

Each Jimdo site is automatically optimized for mobile viewing. You can deactivate or change your site’s default mobile view – there are 13 non-customizable mobile layouts. In case you want to create a custom mobile experience and you’re handy with codes, you can take advantage of their mobile view CSS editor. As an alternative, Jimdo also offers ‘Mobile Express Page’. This options allows you to create a professional looking landing page featuring your company’s most essential information. In this case your mobile visitors will be redirected to this page, not your mobile/desktop website.

Jimdo - Mobile View

Speaking about mobiles, it’s noteworthy that Jimdo has a mobile app for iOS. The app allows you to write blog posts and update your Jimdo website on the go.

#3 Designs

There’s no Template library. The design of your site starts with choosing a layout and ends with adjusting Style settings. Frankly speaking, browsing among their templates is a bit disappointing since there are many similar layouts and it’s hard to spot the difference between them (it’s much easier with ready-made, demo websites like in Wix or Squarespace). Luckily, there’s ‘custom layout’ option for advanced users. This option allows you to make changes in your site’s code (HTML/CSS).

Jimdo - Layouts

In general, their layouts aren’t very impressive. However, this is compensated with the ability to make pixel-perfect changes in the site’s code.

#4 Customer Support

Jimdo has an excellent Support Center offering various forms of support, from basic tutorials to live chat and Community Forum. Their knowledge base is rather handy and easy-to-navigate (as opposed to their editor). I also liked its simple language.

#5 Pricing Policy

Similar to other website builders, Jimdo offers a free basic account allowing you to see how the system works (you can display and sell up to 5 items within this plan). In order to connect your own domain, as well as unlock more designs, increase storage and get access to other bells and whistles, you have to purchase either their Pro ($90/year) or Business ($240) plan.

Jimdo - Pricing


Outdated templates, usability issues.

Jimdo Review: Conclusion

Jimdo is an established website builder that powers roughly 10M websites. It has a decent blogging and eCommerce platform, but it also appears to have some usability issues. Those aren’t critical, but may frustrate many potential customers away before they realize how flexible this platform is. You may want to compare Jimdo with other popular site makers:

- Jimdo vs Weebly Comparison.


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  • helyfell

    Jimdo is definitely an website builder that has a decent blogging and
    flexible platform for popular site makers.

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