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Meet Jimdo’s Free App for iOS

Jimdo Team takes website building to the next level – yesterday (Aug 22, 2013) their iOS application was released. With this app you can equally create brand new websites and update your existing Jimdo-powered blogs on the go. So, let’s look closer at what this do-it-yourself website builder offers to its 9 million users with the iOS application.

Of course, the app doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you get in the desktop version of Jimdo. However, the app can be effectively used for adding and changing the most important pieces of content. Their Team promises to bring the functionality of their full version to the iOS app over time. So, let’s see what exactly you can do using their iOS as of today:

  • Managing pictures. Take pictures with your iOS device and add them to your website (as individual images or entire galleries). You may also use your existing photos. Additional options: image alignment, links and image captions.

  • Adding texts. As easy and fast, as in their desktop version. Additional options: ability to employ SEO-friendly formatting, namely H1-H3 subheadings.
  • Managing pages. Arrange your web pages by dragging and dropping them in your admin panel. Additional options: ability to create, rename and also delete pages.
  • Statistics. Site statistics (hits, most popular pages, etc.) is available for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users.

So, as of today, Jimdo users can keep an eye on their websites from wherever they happen to be – in the office, at a café, or on the bus, starting on one device and finishing on another. The app is free, you can download it for free on the App Store.

By the way, Jimdo is already actively engaged in developing Jimdo app for Android devices.