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Jimdo Released A New Adobe Image Editor

A great update for Jimdo-users, who are dreaming of editing their favorite images with comfort and ease! From now on, Jimdo website builder interface incorporates a powerful Adobe image editor – the one that will raise your eyebrow!

You don’t have to edit your photos elsewhere and then upload them to the site. Everything is done on the dashboard of the site builder in no time!

Jimdo Photo Editor

The new tool is known as «Adobe Creative SDK». Finding it at Jimdo is easier than you think – just open any image element, activate the button in the left bottom corner of the site and… start editing! The image editing can be undone.

If there is a necessity to cancel the changes you have made, just do it in a few simple steps and start editing the image all over again! The tool offers a long list of new editing effects like those used in Instagram. You can change the color of a face, add unique frames, texts and what not! The editing options are almost unlimited here and they will certainly captivate you and your friends!

Jimdo Image Editor

The new Jimdo image editor is available not only on a PC or a laptop, but you can also use it on the go from your mobile device. Just make sure you install an official Jimdo app version for Android/iOS and leverage it by uploading photos from any location.

Have you done that? Now, you are welcome to upload images from your smartphone wherever you are! That is very convenient, easy, and, what really matters, fast!

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