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Jimdo Raises $28M, Releases New SEO Features and Improves Style Editor

A lot can happen in a month’s time, especially on the web, especially in the web publishing industry, where the battle between top website builders only heats up. Today, we bring you a brief overview of new Jimdo features and announcements. Watch out, Weebly 😉 .


Jimdo announced they closed a €25 million ($28 million) minority investment round led by Spectrum Equity. This is the first investment for Spectrum in Germany.

With its offices in Hamburg, San Francisco and Tokyo, Jimdo will use the investment to boost its engineering, design and infrastructure teams ‘to become a stronger, faster, and more flexible company than ever before’.

Since its launch in 2007, Jimdo grew to 200 team members and surpassed 15 million sign ups.

New SEO Features

Jimdo has made some big changes to the SEO functionality of the platform. The new features will give JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users more control over their site:

New custom URLs. Users can now override the automatically generated URLs. Before, these were based on the page’s name in the navigation. From now on, you can specify the exact web address of a page on your site.

Jimdo custom URL example

This change improves your site’s SEO and UX by creating simplified, semantic URL structure with greater keyword emphasis than the previous auto-generated format. You can now create shorter and more intuitive URLs, making them easier-to-share and remember, and they also just look nicer in your browser’s address bar 🙂 .

In addition to this, the new feature will come in handy for those Jimdo websites that use non-Latin characters. These often don’t show up well. This URL jp.jimdo.com/プロに依頼/, for instance, might transform into jp.jimdo.com/%E3%83%97%E3%83%AD%E3%81%AB. With the new feature, you can specify a much shorter Latin URL while keeping a language’s specific character set as your navigation title.

New URL redirects. Jimdo users can now set up redirects directly from the control panel. This feature will help you easily create promotional URLs, move pages or even restructure your website.

Jimdo URL redirects

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Playing with links can be tricky, so make sure everything is done correctly.

Redesigned SEO panel. The SEO panel got a facelift. It now has a cleaner and user-friendlier look. The meta tags window no longer contains the Keywords field, and this should come as no surprise – Google stopped using keywords back in 2007. From now on, you only need to properly fill in the titles and descriptions.

Improved Style Editor

The new Editor has got just one new element – a Style by element toggle. But there’s so much power behind it! Previously, Jimdo Editor gave you the freedom to change the colors and fonts of different site elements as you wish. The improved editor lets you also make sitewide changes to all the elements of a certain type with one click.

Jimdo Style Editor

When it’s switched on, you can style each separate element just like you did it before, one by one. But when it’s off, you can make changes to the entire style of your website. For instance, you can set your branded font to be used for all headings or all body text throughout your website.

Check out this video tutorial to see the new editor in action:

Jimdo user? What do you think about the new features?