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Jimdo for Android

The Android madness goes on! This time it’s Jimdo who jumps on the bandwagon with its freshly released Jimdo for Android.

With the app, you can both create a new website and edit an existing one. Specifically, you can:

  • Sign up for a new account, choose a name and template; publish your site.
  • Edit your site structure: add, delete and rearrange pages and nav bars.
  • Edit pages: add text, headings, lines, pictures and galleries.
  • Draft, publish and share blog posts.
  • Check your website statistics.

Jimdo for Android

Jimdo for Android - Add Entry

The app is free, so I couldn’t help but download it 🙂 . My overall impression is quite positive: the app is easy-to-use, fast and fun. It took me two minutes to add and publish a new blog post. The post looked perfect both on my smartphone and desktop.

Though many don’t take all those mobile apps for website creation seriously, and consider them as a marketing trick, I think that Jimdo for Mobile (iOS or Android) is a must-have app for all Jimdo users. Inspiration can strike anywhere 🙂 .