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IM Creator Launches IM Free

IM Creator just launched what they refer to as “The Anti StockPhoto”. The new service is called IM Free and it’s a free design resources collection for anyone to use. IM Free is a new service that allows you to find high quality photos with ‘creative commons attribution’ license, which basically lets you use all the photos under this license for free, as long as you give credit to the creator of the photo.

The new service was created in order to solve a problem any web designer and any website builders users currently face – and that’s the fact that all the current stockphotos offer the same kind of low quality photos on the one hand, and on the other hand – cliche photos with the same models that are found on almost every website.

IM Free - Image Credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg

The IM Free photos were handpicked and taken from the best of Flickr photographers: all the photos are creative, unique, and look natural, unlike the images on the popular stock photos.

IM Free will be updated on a regular basis and the guys at IM Creator invite you to send them recommendations on your favorite photographers on Flickr or any ‘creative-commons attribution’ photos that you find on the web. You can even take photos yourself and send them over. Keep in mind though that they only accept high-quality images.

The photos are categorized into 18 main categories and many more sub-categories to help you find the right image faster. Another nice feature is the “ambient” category which contains many images that can be used as background images on any website.

The great thing about IM Free is that it’s 100% free, not just for IM Creator users, but for all users, including the users of other website builders. That’s a real blessing for the industry that suffers from a severe lack of high quality images.