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HTTPS protocol is now available for uCoz

This is an important update from the uCoz website builder. From now on, all premium users can connect SSL certificates to their websites, which will provide the option to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. The main difference from HTTP is that all the data sent from a user’s computer to the system’s server is encrypted.

It’s not that necessary for a blog or a promo site, but it is critical when it comes to the exchange of valuable confidential information (credit card, login, password, and ID details.). By adopting a HTTPS connection, you will protect users and their data from eavesdroppers. Your website will be secured and your visitors will certainly appreciate it.

Beyond the primary protection function, there are some other benefits of the secured connection such as “bonuses” from search engines. For example, Google considers the encrypted connection to be a positive signal and gives a ranking boost to HTTPS websites. With all other things being equal, your website will rank higher than the competitors. In addition, secure webs experience will build user trust for your brand.

First of all, you need to purchase a SSL certificate. Any provider will do for this purpose. After the certificate has been issued, you need to save confirmation files on your computer. Next, you can add the SSL certificate from the Control Panel > Security settings. All you need to do is copy the content of the two files and paste it into the corresponding fields of the Installation of SSL certificates section and save the changes.