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How to Make Your Own Website Without a Host

I recently received an email from a reader asking if it was possible for her to create a website without buying a hosting account and domain name. In this article, we’ll attempt to answer this question.

The short version, if you’re in a hurry and just want to get the answer: yes, it’s possible. But you should really read the long version!

The Long Answer

If you don’t want to buy a hosting account because you don’t know how to select the right provider or what it takes to maintain a site, then your smartest decision will be creating an account with a DIY website builder.

Weebly Website Builder

Most website builders allow you to sign up for free and keep your website free forever. With the account, you’ll get free hosting and subdomain. For example, if you decide to go with Weebly, you’ll get a subdomain like johnshop.weebly.com. You don’t have to pay for such a name, since you don’t actually own it.

So, technically, you can publish a website without having a hosting account or domain name. Simply by creating a free account with a freemium website builder.

The High Price of Free Sites

Now, imagine how a free website looks like. First, it doesn’t have a professional domain name – it’s long and shows that you’re using a free hosting company. Secondly, it has a third-party advert – to get monetized or to promote their service, site builders place quite noticeable adverts on free accounts.

So, do you still want to get a free website?

By upgrading your account, you’ll get rid of the ad and get the possibility to connect a custom domain, saying nothing about other included add-ons that come as part of premium plans. The good news is that ad-free sites start at $4/mo or even less!

uKit website Builder

For example, if you decide to create a website using uKit website builder, the total annual cost of your website will be $48. But using a promocode will discount this price to $36/year. I think, you’re agree with men that it’s more than affordable cost for paid website.

For that price, you’ll get the site building software itself, library of templates, hosting, support and with some site builders – a free domain name if you choose a yearly plan. Isn’t it great? Sign up and make something beautiful.


  • ManiaX

    isnt there a way to make your own website without having to buy a domain or hosting account as you say it and not get that extension in the url? eg: [John.extention.com]

    what i am saying is to get a url that ends with jst .com rather than any other extentions.

    • Hi, MarinaX,

      Most website builders allow you to create a website without buying a domain and hosting. For example, using uKit you’ll receive a domain name like site.ulcraft.com, with Weebly your website’s URL will look like site.weebly.com, with uCoz – site.ucoz.net or site.ucoz.com. So, you can choose between these and many other platforms. It all depends of what kind of website you want to create.