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Round Up of Hot Wix News

Wix devs and designers are always busy improving the platform to provide their current* and future customers with the most comfortable, feature-rich and beautiful editing environment on the market. Join us reviewing some of the hottest newly-released Wix features to power up your site.

1. Vertical menus. Wix users can now add vertical menus in just a few clicks, to any template. Vertical menus are a brilliant solution for product-centered websites that use huge background images or have any other visual focus at the center of the page. How to add such menu: Wix Editor -> Add -> Buttons & Menus> Vertical Menu.

2. New text skin on Grid Galleries. Wix designers added a new text skin to Grid Galleries. The skin displays a stylish text box that will appear instantly in the gallery viewing mode when site visitors hover over an image. How to enable the new skin: Wix Editor -> Add -> Gallery -> Grid ->Change Style -> Personalize this Gallery -> Text Slide-Up.

Wix Grid Gallery

3. Etsy app. Sellers can now integrate their Etsy accounts directly into their Wix-driven websites. How to add the new app: Find the app in the Wix App Market and add it to the site.

4. AdHusky app. The app helps small businesses set up a wallet-friendly Facebook campaign easily. How to add the new app: Find the app in the Wix App Market and add it to the site.

5. Get feedback from the Wix community. Wix users can now share their sites with members of the friendly Wix community. Wix users will help you with tips and comments about your site’s design and usability. You no longer need to hire a testing squad – just share your site with the Community and wait for comments. Wix users are great folks, by the way, so don’t be shy :).

6. Virtual tour app. Enable this app to show off any location with an interactive, 360° view. You can use either Google Street View’s awesome power or take a panoramic photograph with your phone/camera and then upload it to your site. How to add the new app: Find the app in the Wix App Market and add it to the site.

7. Wix ShoutOut. This is probably the most powerful update of the bunch. It allows Wix users to send custom, professional looking newsletters to their clients in an easy and fast manner. With this brand new feature you can not only design and send unique newsletters, but also manage your email marketing campaigns like a pro: Wix ShoutOut lets you track your email’s performance (see who clicked, opened and shared your letter); instantly share your updates on social media as well as import your entire website content with just a few clicks.

Image Credit - Wix Blog

*Wix has just reached a huge milestone – 50 million users worldwide!

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