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Holiday Gifts from Duda

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a website that had dynamic content for the next five holidays already built in for you? Meet the All Holidays Template from Duda!

Duda marketologists know that it takes thorough research, careful planning and preparation to stand out from the crowd during this busy holiday season, so they decided to create a template on steroids to help you compete, boost sales and grow online.

What’s So Special About the All Holidays Template?

The new template is built to help you increase customer engagement by leveraging the InSite technology that was specially developed for Duda sites. Simply put, all the normal elements of a site like header, coupons, background image you name it, have been designed to trigger different information depending on the holiday. In other words, if you publish this template today, it will look completely different on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas.

The All Holidays Template from Duda

The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to build another website in order to feel the power of these triggers – Duda devs created 20 brand new holiday inSites that you can enable for your site with just a few clicks. They also created a set of free marketing assets that you can use during this holiday season. The set includes:

  • Holiday-themed images, illustrations, images, icons, headers and more.
  • Pre-written email templates to help you reach your customers. These are totally customizable.
  • Informational, fun and useful social media posts and banners to help you build your brand and engage your customers.
  • InSite ideas to improve the user experience of your website.

These Duda gifts are likely to skyrocket your sales. What are your thoughts? Would you use the All Holidays Template?