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Free Responsive Templates by uCoz

Have you seen the new, responsive templates by uCoz? They’re just awesome! I’ve decided to test one of the new templates to see for myself how well they look and perform on different screens. So, join me testing the new feature implemented at uCoz website builder – responsiveness :).

uCoz Test - Google Nexus 10 View

So, I entered my uCoz account and started building my new, responsive site. Luckily, with uCoz you can create umpteen websites of any size within a single, free account. As I filled in the required fields (website address and captcha) I was redirected to the control panel where I named my site and selected one of the recently added templates (to be specific, template #2001).

uCoz Adding a New Site

Because I’ve been always dreaming about running a super-useful forum dedicated to website builders, I’ve added the Forum, Polls and Guestbook modules to my new site – all for free (read my detailed uCoz review to get a better idea about the modules and the system in general). I’ve changed a few lines in the header (see the screenshot) and decided to check my freshly published test site.

uCoz - Testing Responsive Templates

I was really surprised at how cool it was looking on my smartphone! The desktop template has transformed into a highly usable, touch-friendly theme: the menu categories have been gathered into a single button for easier navigation and some heavy elements have been removed. I was really satisfied. Afterwards, I’ve checked my website on my tablet (Google Nexus 10) – it looked the same as the desktop version and was also very easy-to-navigate.

Testing uCoz Templates - HTC View


uCoz gets 5 out of 5 stars for its responsive templates. They’re trendy, 100% customizable (you can make edits directly in the code) and look impeccable across different devices. Highly recommended!


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    Потрясающий шаблон! Где бы мне достать такой