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Four New Webydo Features

Webydo is a community-driven website builder, so it’s no surprise that most of the features Webydo develops come from the official Participate page where designers share their ideas on how to improve the system.

Today we bring you a brief roundup of four new Webydo features, all suggested by Webydo users. Here are the details:

Hamburger menu. Users can now add a custom menu tailored for mobile devices, simply by dragging the menu element to the page and choosing the ‘Mobile Menu’ mode. Here’s how you can customize your hamburger menu:

  • Replace the ‘hamburger’ icon with any other icon.
  • Set where the menu will appear when clicking the icon.
  • Change the position, size, fill, stroke and shadow of the menu button.
  • Apply different attributes to the menu items.

Webydo hamburger menu

Domain names. You can now choose and purchase a domain name for your Webydo website without having to leave the control panel. You can now buy and connect a domain directly from your Site Settings.

Custom 404 Error pages. Webydo users can now create 404 Error pages with a unique design. New Webydo websites come ready with a 404 page in the default page list, so users can customize it just like any other page. Existing websites don’t have that page in the default list, so users have to create it manually and make sure the URL is set to

301 redirect. This feature will help you migrate pages from old sites to your new Webydo website. To add 301 redirections to your website, go to your Dashboard, click Site Settings and choose the redirections tab.

Have a great idea to help improve Webydo? Be sure to share it with the Webydo team.