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DudaOne Updates: Content Library, Restaurant-Specific inSites and More

DudaOne devs have just added some new features to the website builder, most of which are of marketing variety. If used wisely, these business-centric features can translate into better sales. So, here’s a round up of new Duda features that can help you ‘turn your website into a marketing powerhouse’.

Notification bar. This bar can be used by site owners to announce major news on their sites: everything from highlighting special promotions to displaying important alerts (e.g. “Due to renovations, our offices will be closed from Sept. 16st to Sept. 19th.”). When enabled, the Notification Bar shows up at the top of your website. The message bar is highly customizable: you can choose when, how and where to display it on your site:

  • Display on: Homepage/All pages
  • Show notification: Immediately/After_seconds
  • Hide notification: Never/After_seconds

inSite analytics. You can now track how much the inSite tools help increase your customer engagement and conversion. The inSite stats is delivered in an easy-to-comprehend way (see screenshot).

inSite Analytics (Image Credit - Duda Blog)

Campaign URLs. This sophisticated feature will come in handy if you run advertising campaigns. Suppose you want to sell more website templates and have created an AdWords campaign to help you do this. Now you can create an inSite on your Duda website encouraging visitors to purchase your sale website templates. Once configured, this inSite will be displayed whenever someone reaches your site through the aforementioned campaign.

Campaign URLs (Image Credit - Duda Blog)

Restaurant-Specific inSites. Restaurant owners rejoice 🙂 . Duda’s hardworking team released something special just for you, namely three new restaurant-specific inSites: Happy Hour, Daily Special and Menu (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Content Library update. The content library has survived a major update:

  • Now you can use the ‘content import’ option several times (previously, you could use it only once).
  • ‘Find and replace’ option has been added.
  • Shareable links have been added. From now on you can create forms and share them with your clients in order to gather needed information from them (logo, phone number, social accounts etc.) in an easy and fast way.

Find more about these and other recent enhancements on the official Duda blog.

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