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Duda Updates: inSite and DudaPro

Packed with dozens of unparalleled mobile-specific features, Duda is one of the best solutions for anyone interested in creating mobile-friendly/responsive websites. Over the past few months, their devs have been wearing out their keyboards developing exciting new features, and it’s time to share them with you 🙂 .

The scope of new capabilities now available is amazing – from Personalized dynamic content to the brand new DudaPro partner program. The new functionality is aimed at strengthening interaction with clients, driving sales and cutting your website development costs (for partners).


What’s So Special About the Features?

Dynamic content. According to Duda CEO and Co-Founder Itai Sadan, ‘this is the first time that a DIY website builder is offering dynamic content to small businesses and web professionals. Up until now this type of capabilities has only been available to large enterprises and big brands.’

How it works. The new tool, called inSite, enables users to choose what content is displayed to visitors based on an array of preset triggers. Triggers include the geo location of the site visitor, the number of times the visitor has visited your site, the device he or she is using to access your website, and even the time of day. For instance, you can configure your inSite tool in such a way that a user visiting a nearby café website via his/her smartphone during lunchtime will be shown the lunch menu, and if you so choose – a $10 coupon to lure him/her in. This is exactly what inSite is all about: creating personalized web content and showing it the right customers.

Itai Sadan introduces inSite for Duda

DudaPro. From now on, DudaDesign and DudaWhite are consolidated into a single new plan, DudaPro. All Duda partners can now fully rebrand the editor, including client login page and dashboard. All the URLs for Duda tools, of course, will be under your domain name. You will find more information on DudaPro on the official blog of Duda.

Duda devs hope that you enjoy the new bunch of features and that they will help you create a powerful online presence that your clients find hard to resist.