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Personalize Your Website with Duda’s JavaScript InSite

Everyone loves hacks and shortcuts, especially when it comes to technology. We all want to produce more by doing less, without sacrificing quality of the end product, and luckily for us, technology seems to be heading in that direction.

Today we take a closer look at a new feature developed by Duda website builder, namely JavaScript InSite. Don’t fret. Even if you have no idea what JavaScript is, you can still use this feature and benefit from it.

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the process, let’s review the terminology:

  • What is InSite? InSite is a unique feature developed by Duda. It is based on triggers and actions. To put it simple, when a specific set of conditions is met, a specific action occurs. For example, when a new visitor reaches your website, he or she is shown an introductory video (while returning visitors are shown the regular homepage). We touched upon InSite in detail in this post.
  • What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language.

The new Duda feature combines the power of JavaScript and flexibility of the InSite feature to help you personalize your website and also serve your customers better, providing that type of content they’re more likely to benefit from. So here’s an interesting use case:

Changing the logo for a limited amount of time

This is a great use case. Duda allows you to change your logo for a day or more (a holiday season, for example) to celebrate something special, just like Google does with its Doodle. The good news is that this can be done automatically – you just need to customize your InSite.

Once you’ve entered the control panel of your Duda website, select InSite in the left hand toolbar and explore the options. There are two ways to add an InSite: to use a ready one (thankfully, there’s a decent choice) or to build one yourself.

Choose an InSite

To take advantage of the JavaScript feature, click Build your own InSite. Now we need to set the trigger. For our test, we’ll use the Time trigger. Click the Time button and set the properties of the chosen condition.

Duda Time Trigger

Once you have set the properties, it’s time to define the action. Click Next and select the JavaScript option. Now you can write JavaScript code that will be executed when the trigger is active.

Duda JavaScript Action

Duda offers its own piece of code for this InSite:


Make sure you replace the example URL with the URL of your custom logo.

Now you can preview your InSite and save changes.

You don’t necessarily have to know how to write codes – you can simply hire someone do that for you, or find a free open source plugin – there are thousands of those on the web.

Duda user? Have you had success using the InSite feature? Tell us your story in the comments!