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Duda Updates: Developer Mode for DudaOne

One of the biggest dilemmas for developers who create website builders is whether to keep their editors drag-and-drop or to let users tweak CSS/HTML. In practice, combining both editors is a real challenge. Thus, Wix which is backed by a dead simple drag-and-drop editor, doesn’t allow users to directly change the underlying code, while uCoz opens up the codes but doesn’t support drag-and-drop. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a site builder, users often have to choose between ease-of-use and flexibility.

Duda - Developer Mode

The good news is that technology appears to be heading in the right direction – Duda devs have just released their new Developer Mode for DudaOne. The new mode peacefully co-exists with its drag-and-drop counterpart thus providing more flexibility to both tech-savvy users and newbies.

The new feature is only available to Premium Plus users. Read more about the update on the official blog of Duda.