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Debunking Myths About Website Builders

With so many myths and misconceptions surrounding website builders it can be difficult to unearth all the advantages of these platforms. In this post I’ll try to bring clarity to five common misconceptions, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing between a site maker, WordPress and web design agency.

Myth #1: No Room for Customization

True. In case you opt for a non-professional website builder that has no CSS/HTML editors, your freedom for structural changes will be slightly more restricted than if you were building your site from scratch.

False. Some website builders provide users will full code control. uCoz is one of these. Full code control allows you to rebuild your website from the ground up making pixel-accurate edits whenever and wherever you want. Coding experience is the only condition for making these edits. Another website builder offering full freedom of customization is Squarespace, specifically its Developer Center.

Squarespace - Developer Center

Myth #2: Moving Can Be a Headache

True. One of the most distressing disadvantages of site makers is the inability to move your website elsewhere. Because most website builders are proprietary tools that work exclusively on the company servers and require specific maintenance, in most cases it’s impossible to move your website elsewhere without having to download, copy and paste all your content.

False. Though most website builders are connected to a certain web hosting provider, there are some exceptions. MotoCMS website builder for example works as a standalone website building application that can be easily moved from one web host to another. You pay once for their all-in-one template ($139), and then you’re free to upload it to any server.

MotoCMS - 3 Steps

Myth #3: My Website Won’t Be Mobile-Friendly

True. Some site makers may not offer mobile-optimization capabilities. However, as the whole world goes mobile, mobile editors spring up in site builders’ feature sets like mushrooms after the rain.

False. All top website builders either have feature-rich mobile editors or at least offer responsive templates. Take Webydo for instance. Their impressive Mobile Editor offers an array of handy mobile-only features that will enhance your mobile site: click-to-call, online scheduling, instant emails etc. The Webydo Mobile Editor creates a separate version of your main website that will be shown to your visitors when they use mobiles to access your site. By editing your mobile site you will not affect your main site, so feel free to make any changes.

Webydo Mobile Editor

Myth #4: My Customers Will Know I’m Using a Site Builder

True. Of course they will, if you use their free basic versions imposing noticeable adverts and subdomains. Since most website builders are freemium web services, they make you ‘pay’ by showing their ads and subdomains in return for using their systems free of charge.

False. Every day we visit many websites built using site makers. It’s almost impossible to tell them from their WordPress counterparts as they show no sign of being created on a site builder. Premium websites use their own domains, don’t show the system copyright (powered by Weebly for example) and have a nice overall look and feel.

Site Built Using Weebly

Myth #5: Website Builders Are Expensive

True. Indeed, some site builders could be cheaper. While basic plans are rather affordable at most platforms, adding an extension or another advanced feature can be costly. For instance, to build an add-free site with Wix you have to pay at least $8.25 per month. This sum doesn’t cover paid extensions (webstore, email marketing etc.).

False. Luckily, many site builders offer very affordable packages that are equal to the average cost of web hosting. This means you’ll get the website builder itself as a gift.

uCoz - Pricing

Website builders are a topic of mixed feelings. While many consider them as non-professional web services that can be used for creating personal pages only, others start up their own web design agencies using site makers as their primary design tools and publishing partners. Which camp do you belong to? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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