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Congratulations to the uID.me Contest Winners!

uID.me Contest

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has come – uCoz has announced the uID.me Contest winners :)! Their Team received so many well-designed uID.me profiles that it took them longer than expected to decide on the winners. So, without further ado, here are the winners:

Best uID.me ProfileBest uID.me page:
1st Place – Olivia Cameron
2nd Place – Ruben Wetzels
3rd Place – Liza Eliz

Users Choice Award:
1st Place – Davor
2nd Place – Ludmila Clibanova
3rd Place – Andra Chelariu

Most Popular Page:
Users Choice AwardRobert White

Most Creative Page:
Robin Seger

Best Business Page:
Tressie Davis

Quick Start:
Babii Eusebiu

While you can see all these profiles by visiting the official uCoz Community, below I’d like to spotlight a couple of uID.me profiles that bought my heart.

Andra Chelariu

Andra is an aerobics-fitness-pilates instructor from Iasi, Romania. She owns and operates Andra-Fitness.com, a website dedicated to fitness, healthy nutrition and related topics. The website is powered by uCoz website builder.

uID.me Winners - Andra Chelariu

Robin Seger

Robin is an art- and design-addicted freelancer. He earns money online from the comfort of his home in Kristianstad, Sweden. He runs a personal website PixelKhaos.com that primarily serves as an online portfolio.

uID.me Winners - Robin Seger

About uID.me Profiles

uID.me is an offshoot of uCoz and is geared towards creating simple one-page profiles (you’ve seen the examples above). By creating a uID.me account you get a password and login allowing you to enter all official uCoz web resources as a user. For instance, you can enter the uCoz Community and leave a query, or comment on a blog post. If you have a uID.me profile, there’s no need to create another account to be able to build sites using uCoz website builder – uID.me is a global authorization system for all uCoz users. I also have a uID.me profile, as I test uCoz on a regular basis – they release new updates pretty often. Most recent updates include the release of free, responsive templates and Photo Albums update.

uiD.me - Howard

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