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Carbonmade Introduces Your Log

Here at SWB, we love Carbonmade. It’s super easy, straightforward and very, very fun. Until last week, our only complaint about the system was the lack of a blogging engine. Previously, an external link was needed to integrate your blog into your Carbonmade portfolio. So we were really happy to receive this email about a week ago:

Carbonmade introduces Your Log

Carbonmade users can now easily add simple posts to their site. Paid users get the added bonus of audio and video. The Your log feature is completely optional: you can tun it off anytime.

The new blogging system is extremely simple (there are no scheduled posts, multiple authors and things like that), but it offers a clutter-free blogging experience to share your stories, showcase your ideas and build a stronger connection between you and your fans.

Carbonmade user? Share your website and your story in the comments!

  • Mike Brice

    While I am waiting for a mobile option, and the ability to add images from portfolios before I start using it, I love the idea of the log. Up until now, I have linked my Tumblr blog to my Carbonnade account. I use Carbonnade to showcase my photography –