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Business Opportunities for Web Designers and Developers from uCoz

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Making money on the Internet isn’t a far off dream anymore. If you know how to connect your PC to the Internet and you’re ready to invest some time into your online business, this possibility can become reality in just a few easy steps. Below in this post I’m going to show how you can earn money with uCoz site builder working on your own schedule in your pajamas and slippers if you so choose.

Earn with Website Builders

Business Opportunity #1

Let’s start with the right-brained individuals. Here’s a piece of news to make your creative juices flowing: uCoz is open for cooperation with web designers. If your skills are above average why not start earning from your talent – just send over your templates to their Official Templates Store and watch your designs turning into cash :). The more sales you make – the higher is your remuneration (0-9 sales: 50%; 10-50: 60%; >50: 70%). For more details visit their official pages. Considering the fact that uCoz is currently powering more than one million websites your odds to make a fortune with uCoz are very high :).

uCoz Templates

Business Opportunity #2

Another way to get profit with this site builder is to use it as your main website building tool. However, this can be only possible in case you’re an expert in the field. Because uCoz platform supports many complex features (such as Forums, Chats, Polls, Blogs, E-Shops etc.) many web developers use this system to build websites for their clients. Because most of the web developers work under intense time constraints, uCoz is a real lifesaver for them.

As you can see, this SaaS platform can be not only an affordable site building tool for newbies, but also a way to support your major income. You can join uCoz today, it’s free.