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How to Create an Artist’s Website by Yourself

The web is a vibrant marketplace for creatives to buy and sell both digital and tangible assets. Website builders and various community platforms for artists are a significant part of that marketplace, as they let us easily showcase our talents to a global audience.

Today we’re talking about website builders that, in our opinion, work best for creatives.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Artists

Wix Website Builder

Wix was launched in 2006 and it quickly became one of the top website builders. Wix has a huge library of stunning templates in a long list of categories ranging from music and photography to creative arts and one-page templates.

You can start using Wix immediately after registering for free and upgrade any time later, when you’re ready to publish.

uKit – The Best Platform to Create a Promo Website for Artists

uKit Website Builder

uKit is a code-free website builder that offers artists everything they might need to create beautiful portfolios to present works online to the public. There are no limitations to the creative ways you can express yourself, as uKit caters for creatives of all genres — photographers, painters, designers, illustrators, musicians, and many other.

All the content you add to your website including galleries, presentations, and dynamic slideshows is optimized to look great on all devices, be it a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This way, your followers and prospective customers will always be able to enjoy your works, whatever the screen size.

It’s good to mention that uKit lets you create full-fledged websites that will not only showcase your artworks, but also perform other functions including gathering information from your website visitors through email forms and LiveChat, blogging, and even eCommerce.

The full version of uKit costs $5/mo, and is discounted if you subscribe for a longer period.

Weebly – The Easiest Way to Create a Promo Website for Artists

Weebly Website builder

Weebly is a popular drag-and-drop site builder that makes website creation as easy as clicking, dragging and typing. The most impressive thing about Weebly is its versatile feature set: the platform has its own blogging engine, an eCommerce system, membership functionality and more.

No matter what kind of artist you are, you can easily put your aesthetic vision to work as you design your website using a DIY website builder. Good luck!