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Introducing All New MotoCMS

MotoCMS 3.0 is officially here! The new version of the platform features a completely redesigned CMS interface, new responsive templates, new plugins and widgets, improved media library, and much more.

Many improvements were made both to the design and functionality, but at the core, it’s the same MotoCMS you know. It continues to operate the same way: you sign up, pick and purchase a template, upload it to the server (you need a hosting account), design and publish your website.

The Editor

The biggest change you’ll notice is in the interface. It now has a modern look and less cluttered navigation.

The new editor lets you see how your website looks on smaller screens. It comes with three major breakpoints: desktop, tablet and mobile, including portrait and landscape modes.

MotoCMS editor

Text Styles and Color Picker

The new version of MotoCMS text editor helps you save lots of time by synchronizing your text style options (spacing, color, font etc.) throughout the website. For instance, if you edit your H5 text type on one page, these edits will be applied to all H5 text snippets all over the template.

MotoCMS Text Styles

The new Color Picker works on the same principle. Each MotoCMS template comes with a color palette of 5 colors with 5 subtones for each color (which means you have 25 hues to play with). By changing one color you will change the color of all elements of that type throughout your website.

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