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Adobe Muse Updates: SVG Import, Secure FTP Support and More

Last week, an international audience came to Los Angeles to discover and try Adobe’s latest offerings at the company’s global MAX conference. Attendees could even take some courses to perfect whatever skills they need to improve.

This year, the company unveiled updates and new features for its Creative Cloud, introduced a new family of mobile apps and also announced an alliance with Microsoft that should help both companies to move beyond PCs.

Adobe Max Online

Since one of the CC products – Adobe Muse – is of particular interest to SuperbWebsiteBuilders, we decided to take a closer look at its updates. So, here are the major points:

SVG import. Users can now add scalable vector graphics to their designs and scale them directly in Adobe Muse. This update lets you create images that remain crisp and clear no matter the size of the browser. You can also get sample files to practice with, isn’t it nice 🙂 ?

Text synchronizing across desktop and mobile. If you use the same copy in multiple places (webpages, desktop/mobile layout etc.) you no longer need to edit each piece of content separately. With the new feature, all your edits will synchronize across your design automatically. You can also take advantage of the Find and Replace feature to search for words and phrases and replace that text across all pages and layouts.

Secure FTP support. You can now choose between SFTP and FTPS support for more secure publishing.

The October release of Adobe Muse CC allows creatives to work faster using updates that significantly speed essential design tasks.