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Hello, I’m Howard Steele, the founder and editor-in-chief of this website. I’ve been working as a webmaster for more than a decade, and I clearly realize that creating a website can be a rather tedious, expensive, and time-consuming task. However, it can be also a very positive, interesting and enthralling experience – in case you opt for one of the TOP website builders. As for me, these platforms are real godsends both for those who know a bit of code, and those who have no idea about how websites are being made.

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Given the number of the existing sitebuilding platforms, it can be rather challenging to review and compare all of them. However, comparing is an essential step in making your ultimate decision. The solution is Superb Website Builders. The main goal of this website is to aggregate the most concise, informative, and unbiased reviews of the most popular website builders.

In my articles I try to gather the most important characteristics of each sitebuilder, including detailed explanations, examples, as well as benefits and disadvantages. Some articles are presented in the form of a battle (Sitebuilder ‘X’ Versus Sitebuilder ‘Y’). In addition to the reviews, I write articles on related topics (search engine optimization, improving website usability, etc.).