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A New Look of Jimdo Website Editor

A great piece of news has recently come from Jimdo! This website builder has introduced an advanced Jimdo Makeover Edition, having changed some of the settings and rebuilt the menu. It has become much simpler to reach the settings and work with the menu. The editor was updated to feature the recent technology, due to which it now loads much faster when there is the need to reach the website.

Jimdo New Editor

The changes and updates introduced at Jimdo Makeover Edition were the result of the thorough testing and experimenting of the functionality of the service by its developers. Having explored the customers’ experience of using the website builder, Jimdo developers have organized the system in a more efficient way to feature better performance.

The major improvements are associated with design, the menu structure and the settings. The editor of the website has become more intuitive to give the users a better overview of the service. From now on, the popup menus have been replaced to the left to make the work on the website more effective and convenient. The sections of the menu, in their turn, have gained different colors to become more distinctive.

Jimdo New Blog Color

According to the new system settings, which have become easily accessible, the menu items have been changed with regard to their themes. An advanced Jimdo Website Editor helps save time and makes the process of creating a website with the platform hassle-free and convenient. The changes have automatically come into power for all the websites created at the platform since November 3, while the existing pages will be consistently updated to the new version by the end of the month.

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