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8 Steps to Developing a Successful Website

Check the points I describe below to ensure your website is highly usable, attractive and what’s more important – successful. These advice will equally improve your website’s performance, help your visitors understand your Company’s mission better, and also skyrocket your conversion rate. So, go and get your ducks in a row with these essential points:

  1. Make your message clear and understandable. Your visitors should be able to answer the following questions when they arrive at your website: What kind of place is this? What can I do here? Why shall I use their service?

Wedding Website

  1. Show off your product. It’s impossible to sell something without advertising it on your homepage. But don’t get me wrong :). I’m not saying your homepage must be a single huge banner with red arrows and other direction cues. Just don’t hide your product :). Make it visible.

  1. Proofread your Contact Us page and make it is easy to find. Don’t make your visitors rummaging through your pages for your contact data – create a separate page for it. You may also consider making a creative Contact Us page :).

Simple Design

  1. Design. It must be awesome and highly usable. Stick to simple, minimalist solutions in order to highlight what is important. Remember, white space isn’t just empty space – it’s an important element that emphasizes on the even more important element (‘Sign up today’ button, for example).

  1. Ensure your website has enough functionality to perform its main mission (eCommerce, user management, RSS, etc.).

Ensure Your Website Has Enough Functionality

  1. Make sure your website works both on iOS and Android. You risk losing a great deal of customers in case you still don’t have a mobile version of your website. Actually, this shouldn’t be an issue, since even free site makers (check out my fresh top 10 website builders rating) offer automatic mobile-friendly versions.

  1. Cut down unnecessary steps – let your visitors explore your products without registration.

  1. Improve your loading time. Nothing makes you visitors leave faster than low speed.

Great news is that literally all of these points can be implemented without any special training. You can build a website from scratch using a website builder, and it will be by no means inferior to other websites in the Blogosphere :). Or even better!